Virtual Correspondence Option

If you have been trying to decide on the best education option for you as the upcoming semester comes closer, then you definitely want to check out what we have to offer at Texas Alternative Home School. While COVID-19 changed the landscape of pretty much every aspect of daily life, it doesn’t have to dictate how you complete your credits to earn your Texas state law compliant diploma. If you’d prefer to continue your education at home and work on your schedule, then contact us today to learn more about our virtual correspondence. We will send you all the books you need to complete your courses and graduate on time. Learn more here.

Texas Alternative In-Person Programs

Join one of our in-person programs to complete your state law compliant diploma. From youth programs and adult courses to STAAR Redemption and ESL classes, you’re sure to find the right education program to help you reach your academic goals. We are currently offering in-person programs in Denton, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Midland, Abilene, and San Antonio. View in-person programs here. Our programs change, so please contact us for updated locations and to answer any questions you may have. Contact us here.