We Offer Your At-Risk Students the Chance to Graduate

Personalized Home School in Texas

As an educator, you want to give your students the best possible chance of academic success. However, not every student functions their best in a traditional public school setting. At Texas Alternative Home School, we are proud to offer the alternative of personalized home school to give every student the chance to earn their Texas state law compliant diploma and an official transcript. We offer a variety of courses which can be suited to each student, giving them all the resources they need to succeed in an alternative education environment. 

We have had countless success stories of enabling students to graduate within a home school system that is tailored to their needs. Visit this page to read recommendations of our programs from various educators. To learn more about how we can help your at-risk students on the path to graduation, contact us today.

Why refer your at-risk students to our alternative school in Texas?

  • We offer students a chance to succeed outside of the traditional education system
  • We tailor courses to the individual needs of each student
  • Students can earn their Texas state law compliant diploma and transcript
  • Students are able to participate in an actual graduation ceremony
  • You can decrease your dropout rate
  • You can free up space for students who excel in traditional education
  • We provide a Verification of Enrollment for every transferred student

Our Programs

At Texas Alternative Home School, we are proud to offer students a second chance to succeed in a non-traditional environment. Our mission is to work with each individual student’s needs to eliminate the dropout rate in Texas. To achieve this, we proudly offer the following range of courses:

  • STAAR Redemption Program | $400
    • This program is designed for students 17 years of age or older, who were unable to graduate due to their STAAR score.
  • Adult Program | $300 to enroll, $300 upon completion
    • This program allows students older than 17 to earn enough credits for their diploma.
  • Youth Program | $450 to enroll, $200 per month until age 17
    • This program allows students ages 14-16 to earn enough credits for their diploma.
  • ESL Adult Education Program | $400 to enroll, $400 upon completion
    • For students who use English as a second language and need high school credits to earn their diploma, we also offer ESL courses in Spanish.

Working Together to Offer Students a Better Future

If you’re an educator of students who are not excelling in the traditional education system, Texas Alternative Home School can offer an excellent alternative. We want to work together to do what’s best for students and put them on the path to graduation, even if it’s no longer at your school. Texas Alternative Home School has been facilitating success stories for years by tailoring education programs to each student’s individual needs and giving them all the tools they need to succeed. To learn more about our various home school programs in Texas, and to refer students to our program, please contact us today.