Our Mission is to completely eliminate the public high school drop out rate and give every “at risk” or previous dropout out the opportunity to earn their state law compliant high school diploma and official transcript here in the state of Texas.

Due to The Texas Alternative- Home School, there is no logical reason why a Texas public high school should have students who dropout or a dropout rate at their school here in Texas. Instead of “at risk” students dropping out, these students can legally transfer to our private school and enroll into one of our accelerated home school programs in an effort to earn their state law compliant diplomas and official transcripts. We take pride of immediately giving the transferred student and their public previous school a VOE ( Verification of Enrollment) so the student is not in limbo and their previous school knows they have legally transferred to our private school and will not be a Texas Public High School Dropout.

At TAHS, we do not expect a public high school dropouts to just sign up and attain a GED. If these students were not able to earn their high school diploma at a public high school, why should we think they should automatically attain a GED if they just sign up for it. We understand that every student is different and has different talents, needs, and limitations. We do not think a student should be judged on just a test like a GED, or STAAR. Here at TAHS, we transfer credits from previous schools and work with these transfers on a personally basis assisting them to earn the rest of their credits they need to earn and graduate with their state law compliant high school diploma and official transcripts with our home school programs. Again, we understand each student is different and we will align our home school programs toward the best interests of our student giving them the opportunity and resources to succeed.

We proudly file and recognized by the state of Texas as The Texas State- Alternative – Home School / DBA “Doing Business As” The Texas Alternative- Home School. The Texas Alternative- Home School is not accredited by TEA or TEPSAC. However, The Texas Alternative- Home School is ” Texas state law” compliant. The Texas Alternative – Home School files and is recognized by the state of Texas as a nontraditional, nonprofit, private, secondary education “home” school and files to the federal government as 501c3. Our graduates are considered “equivalent” as public high school and GED graduates per Texas state law. Per Texas state law, The Texas Alternative- Home School is not required to be governed or accredited by TEA or TEPSAC and our graduates should not be discriminated because they are nontraditional, nonprofit, secondary education “home” school graduates. The Texas Alternative- Home School is “State Law” Compliant and our graduates must be respected and treated as any other public high school or GED graduate. In the state of Texas, our High School Diploma and Official transcript are equivalent as a public high school diploma & transcript or GED. Each TAHS student meets all state requirements and credits by completing our curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education) to graduate, and upon successful completion, students have the right to enroll into a higher educational institution, enlist in any military branch, as well as participate in other opportunities throughout the United States.