Offering Personalized Home School in Texas

Earn Your High School Diploma in Texas

At Texas Alternative Home School, we recognize that traditional education is not the best fit for everyone. Every student is unique, and therefore education should be tailored to each student’s needs. We’re proud to offer an excellent alternative to traditional school with our alternative home school programs in Texas. We offer courses tailored to your needs, with the goal of allowing every student the opportunity to achieve their high school diploma. Whether you need STAAR redemption, adult learning programs, youth learning programs, or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, we can help. Contact us today to learn more, and get started on the path to achieving your diploma with us.

Why Choose Our Alternative Home School in Texas?

  • Education personalized to your needs
  • Adult and youth classes available
  • English as a Second Language Classes Available
  • STAAR Redemption courses available
  • Open new career and education opportunities
  • Receive a Texas state law compliant diploma
  • Attend an actual graduation ceremony

What is Our Mission?

At Texas Alternative Home School, our mission is to eliminate the public high school dropout rate completely. We strive to give every “at risk” student or previous dropout the opportunity to earn their state law compliant high school diploma and official transcript here in the state of Texas. We believe that with the right alternative education program and the proper guidance, everyone is capable of achieving their high school diploma and gaining access to the opportunities granted by a quality education.

With the solution of Texas Alternative Home School, there is no reason why a public high school in Texas should have students who drop out. Instead of “at risk” students dropping out, these students can legally transfer to our private school and enroll into one of our accelerated home school programs in an effort to earn their Texas state law compliant diplomas and official transcripts. We take pride in immediately giving the transferred student and their previous public school a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) so the student is not in limbo, and their previous school knows they have legally transferred to our private school and will not be a Texas public high school dropout. In addition to providing a personalized home school program, our alternative education program also offers the following unique benefits:

  • A variety of courses to suit a variety of needs
  • A Texas state law compliant diploma
  • An official transcript
  • An in-person graduation ceremony in Texas
  • Access to all the benefits of a diploma from traditional education — higher education, FAFSA, career opportunities, etc.

Our Values

In our home school program, we do not expect a public high school dropout to simply sign up and attain a GED without effort — we believe in the power of hard work, and giving each student the tools they need to succeed on their own. We understand that each student is unique and has a different set of talents, needs, and limitations. We do not think a student’s potential should be judged merely on a test such as GED or STAAR. Instead, we seek to recognize the true potential of each student which may not have shown itself on the subjective measure of a test.

Here at Texas Alternative Home School, we transfer credits from previous schools and work with transfer students on a personal basis. We assist students in earning the rest of the credits they need to graduate with their state law compliant high school diploma and official transcripts from our home school programs. We understand each student is different, and we will align our home school programs toward the best interests of our students, giving them the opportunity and resources to succeed.

Our Qualifications

We proudly file and are recognized by the state of Texas as The Texas State Alternative Home School, Doing Business As (DBA) The Texas Alternative Home School. Texas Alternative Home School is not accredited by Texas Education Agency (TEA) or Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC), but we are Texas state law compliant, meaning our students have access to all the benefits of achieving a high school diploma through traditional methods.

We file and are recognized by the state of Texas as a nontraditional, nonprofit, private, secondary education home school, and we file to the federal government as 501c3. Our graduates are considered equivalent to public high school and GED graduates per Texas state law. Per Texas state law, Texas Alternative Home School is not required to be governed or accredited by TEA or TEPSAC, and our graduates are not to be discriminated against because they are nontraditional, nonprofit, secondary education home school graduates.

Each of our students meets all state requirements and credit requirements by completing our Accelerated Christian Education curriculum to graduate. Upon successful completion, students have the right to enroll into a higher educational institution or to enlist in any military branch, as well as participate in any other opportunities available to traditional high school graduates.

Start Your Path to Your Diploma Today

We are proud to give every student access to personalized education in order to take control of their futures. If traditional public school was not the best fit for you, we offer alternative home school courses for adults, youth, STARR redemption, and ESL that can offer a much better fit. We continually strive to provide personalized, compassionate education, and give our students all the resources they need to succeed. To learn more, and begin your path of alternative education in Texas today, contact us to get started.