See What People Have to Say About Texas Alternative Home School

Alternative School for Everyone in Texas

At Texas Alternative Home School, our goal is to provide compassionate, individualized education to everyone in Texas. We want to help eliminate the dropout rate in Texas, and give people the chance to take control of their future by getting their Texas state law compliant diploma. On this page, you can view recommendations from other institutions regarding the programs we offer. Check back soon for more recommendations.

Why choose Texas Alternative Home School?

  • Education personalized to your needs
  • Adult and youth classes available
  • English as a Second Language Classes Available
  • STAAR Redemption courses available
  • Open new career and education opportunities
  • Receive a Texas state law compliant diploma
  • Attend an actual graduation ceremony

Recommendation from Dublin Secondary School

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View a letter of recommendation for Texas Alternative Home School written by the principal of Dublin Secondary School in Dublin, Texas.

Recommendation from Judge David Cobos, Midland County

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View a letter of recommendation for Texas Alternative Home School written by Judge David Cobos, Presiding Judge over truancy cases filed in Midland County.

Recommendation from a Texas Alternative Home School Student

In response to the question, “Explain what your plans are after you receive your high school diploma.”

“I recently had a stroke from the tumors in my brain. My goals are to get better physically and mentally so I can go to college someday. This is important to me because I can only take my knowledge with me when I die, and I like being smart. One day I hope to become an author. I want to write books that help people choose happiness and find God during times of trial and pain. I always want to help other people because when I do I am a servant of Jesus Christ. I want all glory to Him because he blesses me daily.”

Choose Texas Alternative Home School for Alternative Education

At Texas Alternative Home School, we understand that traditional education is not an ideal solution for everyone. Receiving your Texas state law compliant diploma can open many new pathways and opportunities in your life, and we want to help as many people as possible achieve this goal. Contact us today to get started.